boring details,history and other biographical

playing guitar since I was 9, bass since 14. wrote my first song at the age of 9 with all three chords I knew. been playing professionally most of my life sometimes working at various day jobs at different intervals: sold cars, waited tables, climbed utility poles for an untold number of cable television companies, sub contracted roofing jobs, was a staff sound engineer for a very large church, but always seem to wind up in front of a mic stand with a guitar (or bass guitar) in my hand.
 My influences tend to be very diverse because I have lived a double life musically being an acoustic guitar wielding singer songwriter on the one hand, but also playing bass with a variety of prominent Gulf Coast blues, rock and R&B bands.
 My favorite artists are Jonatha Brooke, The Subdudes, Henry Cow, National Health, Hatfield and the North, Soft Machine, Willis Alan Ramsey,
Dana Cooper, Keb Mo', Lake Street Dive, Sonny Landreth, Gentle Giant, Kirk Faris, Captain Beefheart, Ben Folds,Jimi Hendrix, and Mike Zito(who I am presently playing with)
 I play flat wound bass strings for their superior tone and I am partial to mesa boogie amplifiers for bass.
 I am married and I like to fish white water streams and have been known to catch many rainbow and brown trout
 That's about all I can tell you without compromising the integrity of the witness protection program