esmerelda has really missed my mind up
esmerelda had really messed my mind up
life with esmerelda is messing up my brain

verse 1:
she always has a headache though I’m the one in pain
tells me that she’s miserable and I’m the one to blame
she never stops complaining ’bout everything in sight
the only time she talks to me is when she picks a fight
(repeat chorus)

verse 2:
I asked her, esmerelda where is our money at?
she said she had to buy a diamond collar for her cat
I think while we was sleeping the aliens came in
they took my esmerelda and they left her evil twin
(repeat chorus)

bridge: I put a ring on her finger when I was 19. That sealed my fate

cause she hates every single thing I love, and loves everything I hate, that esmerelda she’s my one!

verse 3:
I remember she was lovely in her white wedding dress
I remember how she used to care about our happiness
i go to work I take my pay, it’s such a tiny fee
all she says is “gimme some” and “what’d you buy for me”
(repeat chorus)