Say it Again


I haven’t asked you to read my mind,
I won’t make you play a guessing game,
I have spoken clearly
I have tried to give to you more than I have,
done my best to never let you down,
I was always yours for the asking
You can only drink for so long,
before the well runs dry, you could make it rain and fill me up,
then take all you want to fill your cup

(chorus one)
so won’t you please say it
say it softly, say it plain
then once you say it, say it again
then tell me that you will, that you can
that nothing’s gonna stop you, and say it again

I am so ashamed of my need sometime
that I have tried to wish it away,
but it’s just a fact of my life
I’m trying not to come undone
to hold my head up high
but I am just this man that you see
I only know one way to be
I’ve got one life I’ve been given
at times it seems so short
don’t you see why this is important

(chorus 2)

So won’t you please say it
say you will, that you can
that it’s what you’ve always wanted , and that it’s just a start
then tell me, tell me with a kiss, with your eyes
then say it and mean it from your heart
when you say it again
let me hear it one more time
then say it again and again and again and again