The Liberals song


verse 1:
C D G G/F# Em
liberals pass legislation to keep our treatment fair
C D G7
of all the special interest groups they want out of their hair
C D G G/F# Em
they want to save the poor and the homeless, they want to save the criminals
C D G7
so they can all get out of jail and become more liberals
C D G G/F# Em
if you’ve got no job or education here’s what liberals will do
they’ll take away the rich folks money and they’ll give it all to you

C D G7
Liberals, trying to save the world in pieces;
C D G7
Liberals, tunnel vision never ceases
liberals they stomp and they scream and they holler
with every single word
a desperate attempt by the dying breed to get their voices heard

verse 2:
you’ve got your vegetarian pothead socialists living in the sixties still
homeless gay nazi paraplegics for christ
new age buddhist libertarians on the outside of capitol hill
cat lovers for the ethical treatment of mice
black presbyterian new age astrologers for the whales against the nukes
animal rights, environmentalist,welfare giving ,save the cockroach kooks

(at this point in the song it would be wise to repeat the chorus)

well i suppose the balance must be kept or the right would run amuck
but it’s the same old song without a dance because their record’s stuck
now everytime some bunch of whack-o’s decides to march on washington
makes me want to say to hell with the rest of the world, let’s look out for number one

(new and slightly different chorus)

Liberals, trying to save the world in pieces
liberals, with their brains all full of feces
I think I have a solution which I will now declare
we could save the dying rainforests by planting liberals there

or we could let them ride in Ted kennedy’s car…………..