julianna (homeward bound) and twenty one again

there's a picture in the yearbook
Kite hung in a tree
trophies on the mantle
and initials carved in a tree
there are rows of corn that grow six feet high
as far as your eyes can see
and a girl named julianna
who said she'd wait for me

I'm homeward bound
I am homeward bound
please mister driver make the miles go faster
I've got a question i been waiting to ask her
and I'm homeward bound

I remember golden hair
I remember lips so fine
my heart beat
ninety miles an hour
each time those lips touched mine
I remember a long goodbye
and a teardrop on her cheek
I remember a promise I made
I never thought I'd keep

 ( repeat chorus 1 )

chorus 2
how many more miles?
how many more miles?
please mister driver don't you be late in
'cause I know Julianna is waiting
and I'm homeward bound


I met a girl named Mary Beth, She wore her hair in a bun
She filled my life with happiness, when I was twenty-one
We said the vows,they threw the rice,we started our careers
Moved back in with her parents twice in our first seven years

Now here we set with a touch of grey, doors locked making love all day
I've got a life I'd live the same again, and when I hold her I'm twenty-One again

Twenty-one again,Oh my mind is racing
Twenty-one again,when she was the dream that I was chasing
Lover, wife and friend, still when I hold her I'm twenty one again

Preacher said, "who gives this one?", "her father" I replied
and her Mother Mary Beth, who's standing at my side
In a flash we were back in time, and the years had come undone
standing here on this launching pad, when we were twenty-one

Now here we are as the years roll on, not dead yet, but our youth is gone
on this much I know I can depend, that when I hold her I'm twenty-one again

repeat chorus